Burrow is a trowel that is an extension of the hand. It caters to avid gardeners who appreciate touching soil not only to physically engage with the earth, but to measure its properties through their sense of touch. It is meant for small scale gardening in urban environments.

Burrow is sculpted to 3 different hand sizes. The hand slides in through the back of the trowel and is held in place by the curvature of the form. The end of the trowel is sculpted to cover the tips of your fingers, shielding the fingernails from dirt. The thumb indentation acts as a secondary anchor point for the hand.

Every action requires fully engaging the soil with the palm of the hand. This connection to the earth is such an important part of why we still garden, when it is no longer something that physically sustains us but spiritually sustains us. 


The problem was to design a trowel based on the industrial process of sand casting metal. Since the process allows for a free organic form, I really wanted to explore how a hard material could be dictated by the soft curves of a hand.

The initial ideas were sketched out on paper, and then moved quickly to several studies in Super Sculpey. Several iterations were prototyped to explore different ways the hand can slot into the trowel.

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